Hey guys,

so, a couple of weeks ago,some of my fellow Kenyan bloggers asked me if I would be willing to join them in having style challenges every now and then and I was like sure why not. I found it to be a really  good way for me to gift you guys with so many ideas on how to wear something plus inspire you since I will be featuring their interpretations of every challenge here.  Not to mention, it will help me push my boundaries as far as my style is concerned. Double win :)

To kick start the series, we had a print on print challenge as our first for this month. Initially I didn’t know how best to go about it until I figured out that when I think about stuff a lot, I don’t get creative. Eventually this look just came to me in my sleep… kidding! But its true, amazing ideas tend to hit you up when you are sleeping. or is it just me?. Anyway,I ended up wearing  my two favorite pieces together as seen above!(more on that in a later post)

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Hey darlings

So,Denim can be one of the most interesting thing to wear or the most confusing to some when it comes to styling. Especially if we are talking about the 80’s kind of denim.The secret is in wearing things that really compliment it. From shoes,handbags to sunglasses and jewellery. Here are a few option you can play around with

The dress


You can add a touch of colour with a scarf  which you can tie as a turban,bow or throw it freely around your neck. Alternatively,compliment it with a fierce pair of heels and a cute handbag as seen on Gabrielle from Always check on the fit of the dress because if it’s a size bigger,it may not look as flattering as you would like

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Hey pumpkins,

There is this gratitude challenge going on on social media where by when you get nominated to participate,for the next five consecutive days you post what you are grateful for and at the end of it all, you nominate a few people to partake in the challenge as well. I was nominated a few times and didn’t really do anything about it but today I figured, why not combine all those five days into a single post? rules are meant to be broken right? I have so many things to be grateful for it’s even hard to figure out where to start from..but let’s do this. PS: it’s going to be a long post :)

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Hey guys,

I am a strong believer of using what you have before you consider buying something new. I desperately needed a black A line short skirt but I didn’t have any in my closet.That’s the point when I decided to take my midi skirt to the tailor to cut a few inches off. She did go overboard and made it shorter than I requested but that didn’t stop me from wearing it :)

I paired the skirt with a printed crop top which I bought sometime back with a matching skirt. The beauty of a two piece is that you can wear the two separately as well as together. That right there increases your styling options. To add some oomph and reduce the amount of midriff showing, I finished off the look with an off white vest with leather details. This is a good trick especially for those who are not comfortable showing the midriff area yet want to wear a crop top. Since it was a chilled out time with the one and only that afternoon,I went with flats. The hair was constantly in my face thanks to  the breeze and that explains my hand all over my hair in most of the pictures..pardon that

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Lately I am more drawn to clean and simple pieces that don’t need a lot of styling since they look good on their own. That’s partly because I am too busy to engage my creative mind sometimes. For that reason I have stocked up on so many dresses that are kinda multi purpose. They are fit for so many occasions so I get to kill all birds with one dress.

This particular dress is one of those. It has the softest purple lace my hands have ever touched and I love it for that. The dress however doesn’t have a lace detail at the back which is pretty much expected.I played a little matchy matchy with purple shoes and finished the look with my black handbag. I cannot wait to receive a brown bag I ordered online. God knows this bag is tired of complimenting every outfit I wear. Time to have a little sibling. :)

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turning the ocean red


My love for the beach is slowly creeping back and I like it. The beach life is super active on weekends especially Sunday afternoon. You can actually bump into your relatives,lost friends and ancestors at the beach,no bueno! So, choosing a quiet and private beach is the answer to all that most of the time.I usually wear shorts to the beach until I figured why not switch it up every once in a while and have a good time? besides, who doesn’t want to look like a contestant on America’s next top model? (refer to my pose in the pic above) I kid though :) Models can drink all that salty water and take pictures like nothing is happening. MAD RESPECT

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Black pants are the ideal wardrobe staple for obvious reasons. This is one item you are sure to wear week after week.I paired it up with my red printed chiffon blouse that I normally wear to work for a fun double date picnic. The first time I went to this place,I felt so at peace I had to go back.

It’s in the middle of no where and has this beautiful rocks all over. The rocks are so clean you can actually eat on the floor literally. There is a small river around and funny thing is that people just bathe freely and sit on the rocks to dry up. I saw two grown men who were not bothered to cover up and that was just amusing, like how care free are those people?? haha

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I know for a fact that having a colourful bag has it’s own pros and cons. Pros in that it can elevate any look by adding a pop of colour and cons in that you can’t really carry it everyday like you do a black gag.It can take me around three weeks before I can carry this bag. That has surprisingly made it be in good shape years later though:)

It complimented my mustard pants,my striped maxi dress and my bodycon animal print dress. Which look do you like the most? A, B, C???



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laced up


I have always loved lace for as long as I can remember.I love it in black and in white most of the time but I’m slowly getting drawn in by other colours.However, I have no pieces of colour to show for that. As usual I’m yet to pull off an all black outfit. I was going to do that with this particular one but I just can’t get enough of this pair of heels so I gave my feet a treat.

What are the odds that sometimes you find two completely different things in your closet that look like you got them as a pair? You can Imagine the shock on my face when I realized that this sheer lace top had kinda the same type of lace as my skirt. When I wore it, it felt like a beautiful lace dress and I couldn’t be happier.I completed the look with a pair of cross earrings.

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How good do you know the type of skin that you have? The first thing towards taking good care of your skin is by understanding what skin you have. Always analyze how your skin has improved by comparing it to how it was prior to what it is now. Never compare it to someone else because two people have two different skin types.Knowing your skin type  is absolutely necessary in order to make a right decision about  proper skin care/treatment,which is suitable for your particular skin needs.. so what type do you have? That makes the point of this post today. Let’s get into it

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