Monochrome jumpsuit loving

Laviera by design

Happy new month everybody.To start as off for this new month is this lovely black and white jumpsuit I have been having for quite sometime now.I still love jumpsuits and in the past I have had some complicated ones which just make me wish that nature doesn’t call.LOL. with time I have come to appreciate a simple and easy to wear jumpsuits and I’m more drawn to them

I’m loving black and white looks lately and all whites for some reason.However it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a crisp white blazer.Most that I get are off whites and that’s why I’m stuck with just one.If you are selling one?… Continue Reading>>


kenyan fashion blogger

Hey guys,beautiful morning it is isn’t it? or maybe it’s because I had such  a lovely weekend the happiness extends to today.

So,over the weekend a friend of mine sent me a text rather disturbed by what she had seen. Apparently some lady of age was wearing something short and sat in a manner you can actually see a lot of stuff that is not meant to be seen.… Continue Reading>>

Camel cape and a little about my dad…

the funshion mistress

On father’s day the other day,my sisters and I tried our best to make our dad’s day as special as we could in our own ways and later in the day,he sent me such a lovely message I actually read it close to 10 times and I just realized how much he has been influential in my life and how much I am so proud to be his daughter.You see,my dad has really tried,raising five girls is no mean fit

When I was in primary school,I got suspended with my then best friend Lilian(hey boo boo) for ‘promoting pornography’ ahem!!… Continue Reading>>

Love sequins,love all around

fashion blogger kenya

Hey, guys….first of all I am so sorry for being so slow on the blog this month.It’s due to unavoidable circumstances so I can only manage one or two posts a week till the end of the month.My apologies for that but will resume to regular blogging as soon as possible.… Continue Reading>>

official wear:the pencil skirt

fashion blogger kenya

Hey guys,so I wore this to the office a few weeks back and I realized how much pressure we put on ourselves to get the usual official wear clothes.What we don’t realize is that we can convert our usual clothes into something presentable for the office just by the way we pair our items.On that note,there is nothing a blazer can’t fix really.… Continue Reading>>


Kenyan fashion blogger

Hey beautiful people,the weekend is almost here yet again.As days go by all I’m thinking about is what gift to give someone in two weeks or so from now for his birthday. While thinking about this I remembered the first time I turned 20…I actually cried because I felt so old and you couldn’t convince me otherwise.… Continue Reading>>

style in retrospect

kenya fashion blogger

hey loves,just passing by to share my favorite outfits from recent months and looking forward to getting your feedback on favourite outfits and all.Hope my past interview posts have been of great help to you.Catch up later on more posts to come…

tutu skirt

the funshion mistress

what to wear to work

the funshion mistress

the funshion mistress

the funshion mistress

the funshion mistress

so what do you like? talk to me… didn’t realize I wear sunglasses a lot!… Continue Reading>>

getting through the interviews part 2

fashion blogger kenya

Hey guys,so today we continue with our series on jobs and interviews.Thank you for the feedback from the part one of this.I’m happy it helped one or two people because that is the whole point.We need to grow together and add value to our lives.As a continuation, we are talking about a few things you may want to be aware about depending on what you know and what you don’t


1)The interview starts with how you look.… Continue Reading>>

getting through the interviews part 1

fashion blogger kenya

Hey darlings,hope the long weekend gave you some much needed rest and time well spent with family or otherwise.So, a week ago I had promised that we were going to talk about jobs and the whole process of getting one. For those who don’t know, my blog is a hobby I take seriously but I do have a main job that keeps me busy on weekdays.I recently moved companies and before I did, i told myself that I would love to share a few things with y’all just so it can help someone out there.As a Kenyan fashion blogger,I do want to impact your life positively using this platform whenever I can.So prepare for a long post as I get into it in regards to job seeking,doing interviews and leaving companies.… Continue Reading>>

Kitenge maxi and shear skirt

kitenge maxi skirt

Maxi skirts,where do I begin? I have come to the conclusion that African print maxi skirts and chiffons work best for me. The rich heritage the kitenge or ankara brings to the table and the easiness with which chiffon flows with the wind when blown is good enough to have these two for a lifetime in my closet

I paired this cute number with a red plunging neckline top to give it a dress illusion and be in my zone.… Continue Reading>>

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