kitenge and denim


Hey beautiful people.So,I decided to ask Jennifer the hairstylist/make up artist why my hair is tinting and she went straight to strong UV rays over here and the humidity.I hadn't even thought about it at all.I decided to silently check out other people's hair as I walked around and I was so surprised to see so many people with tinted hair.It did seem though like they are okay with it or maybe they have no idea what to do about it.She recommended I buy a revlon conditioner with sun protection ... [ Read More ]



Hey guys,as you know I am a big supporter of wearing your clothes over and over again until you exhaust all styles possible.Today I want to feature this white peplum top I got from mr price that has a beautiful lace at the back.I have worn it with a striped skirt,short shorts and a maxi dress.As usual,tell me your fave look :) A)with striped skirt B)with short shorts C)with a maxi dress I hope you enjoyed your holiday guys. Thank you for reading.xoxo ... [ Read More ]



Eid Mubarak my muslim brothers and sisters. I am sure the rest of you are just glad we have a holiday today but you need to be in Mombasa and see how serious it is. It's like Christmas over here with all the lights and decorations at night especially. Men are in their beautiful white Kanzus and the ladies in chic black hijabs and buibuis.I love it When I moved here,there were five things I wanted to do. 1) Eat chicken biriani for a week. I extended that to almost two weeks and clearly my ... [ Read More ]

My skincare routine+product reviews


Hey guys,so a lot of people have requested that I do a skincare post and finally I put something together for y'all.I have separated it into three. one will be about general whole body skin care,products and product reviews and the other section will be specific to the face.Today,we will start with the products that I am currently using First of all,I believe my genes contribute to 60% of how my skin is and I have worked on the other 40 Therefore, get to know your skin first.I use the most ... [ Read More ]



Hey many of you look at your one and only's closet and just fall in love with his shirts? or maybe you spend the night and the following day you have nothing to wear? maybe you had dinner and spilt wine on your top then what? The answer to all this is that you can wear his shirt and style it to fit your feminine style. Remember,what is his,is ours but what's mine is mine.haha.Anyway,I really wanted to wear OUR shirt partly because I love blue and partly because It's one of my fave ... [ Read More ]



How are y'all doing my darlings? Been having a crazy week alreadyand I feel all grown up because I have taken responsibilities head on and managed to make valuable decisions amidst all the pressure I have had.All I managed to learn so far is Always work smart because, sometimes working hard doesn't get you there..empowerment 101 Onto my outfit,if you know me then you know that I don't shy away from colours at all.Infact,I have been unsuccessful when it comes to pulling all black kinda looks.I ... [ Read More ]

The stripes edition


Just a quick post... I have no idea where my love for stripes got rekindled from but I have been wearing them a lot lately and in fact I just purchased leggings with that print.Anyway,I would love to know which stripe look you have  loved the most as featured on the blog A) the maxi dress look B) The mixed print look C)The tutu skirt look Is it A,B,C or maybe all three? do tell be on the look out for my skin care post coming up soon ... [ Read More ]



Hey was the weekend? It was sunny over here and slowly the real Mombasa weather is creeping back.I am so used to it right now I don't mind it at all :) Keeping your make up right is the only challenge I face with that. I rarely dress up a pair of shorts.You will probably find me wearing them with a simple blouse or t shirt and a pair of flats.For the first time ever,a bag actually dictated my outfit...this particular outfit to be exact.I usually choose the shoes,jewellery or ... [ Read More ]



Hey guys,thanks for the response from my last hair post.From the questions I was getting on social media,clearly many of you want to have healthy hair above all things.Sometimes I can't pin point which product exactly is responsible for what since I use them all,  but I love the fact that my hair now has volume and is very soft as compared to a year or two ago.If you are interested in the products I use,this post may be long but hopefully it will add value to your routine 1)argan oil hair ... [ Read More ]



GREETINGS FROM THE LAND OF ZAMUNDA!!! 'I have wanted to say that for a while now and for no reason at" There is nothing I love more than mixing prints just to see how that turns out so I was pretty excited when I wore this Stripes and polka dots are the most worn prints in my opinion and In my head,the two should marry already and since I wasn't going to sit around and wait for that to happen,I made them go on a first date already.Hope eventually they will say 'and the rest as they ... [ Read More ]