Maureen Bandari

Wearing nude has been in vogue for a while now and there was nothing I fancied more that rocking a monochrome nude look. Being a woman that loves colour I found this to be pleasant and a little out of my comfort zone but still felt right. I think I tend to stick to what I know best and this look practically served me the memo that there were other beautiful things to wear even if they may not be as bright as the sun

Photography: jonfontho

outfit details

Nude top: thrifted

Nude bodycon skirt; tailored

metallic belt: miss kerre fashion

Nude heels: my usual supplier hellen

Speaking of metallic belts, I have had this one for a very long time.… Continue Reading>>


maureen bandari

There is something about being a grown up that I totally love. The fact that you can do whatever it is that you want without seeking approval from anyone. Of course the down side is being responsible and handling whatever life throws at you with a pinch of salt  but once you learn the ropes, you can handle anything.… Continue Reading>>


maureen bandari

Hey loves

Happy new month… The month of love and laughter. 😍.  I’m feeling some form of revitalized energy for some reason.  My creativity is at peak right now and I’m hoping to create magic while I can

Photography by Jonfontho 

Outfit details

blue dress: my vendor supplier in mombasa 

Animal print heels: Hellen ponge 

pearl necklace: Dubois 

I have noticed I’m currently wearing a lot of box pleats.  … Continue Reading>>

the girl next door

maureen bandari

Here comes the end of January guys. I know some of you are super excited about that and I’m saying some of you because for me, it has been like any other month honestly. I loved the January jokes though, they sure made my WhatsApp interesting

photography by Jonfontho

outfit details

white top: thrifted

box pleat skirt: Laviera

turquois heels: hellen ponge

pearl neckpiece: dubois

lipstick: MAC ruby woo

I did a little ‘matchy matchy’ with today’s outfit for some reason.… Continue Reading>>

orange is the new black

fashio blogger kenya

If you would have asked me last year and a couple of years back about my thoughts on pleated maxi skirts, my answer would have been that this is one item I surely can’t wear. I never pictured myself in any of these pleated maxi skirts. They sure looked good on other people, especially slim girls but for some reason they never really crossed my mind.… Continue Reading>>

Brand new

kenyan fashion blogger

Hey beautiful people

I am finally back to blogging this year. I just wanted some time to myself before I could embark on this beautiful journey this year. Hope you missed me enough to keep up with what I have in store for you this year. To start us off, This year I really want to have a little fun with my hair so there will be a lot of trial and errors here and there as I experiment.… Continue Reading>>


Maureen bandari

Hey guys, today I am inspired to talk to all the ladies that read my blog. It’s been a good year and I hope I was able to inspire you an outfit at a time. In lieu of that I hope this outfit will continue to inspire you to reach for your dreams next year, work hard, be financially stable and be your own boss

Those who know me very well know that  whatever I set my  mind to do, I put in work/effort and do my best.… Continue Reading>>


laviera by design

Hey guys, getting the Christmas spirit already or you are living a day at a time and couldn’t be bothered at all? I am somewhere in the middle myself. Sometimes I am excited about Christmas and sometimes I am like chris what???? argh… Mood swings perhaps?

Anyway, how many of you get blown away with fine fabric movement?… Continue Reading>>


maureen bandari

Well, I wish it was Friday though. Hello beautiful people

Lemme talk sunglasses today. I have no idea if it’s the constant sun here or what it is but I have been buying so many sunglasses of late and the sexy the design, the more I’m inclined to buy it. I am slowly but surely building my collection and currently at 16 pairs but hopefully the number will keep growing steadily.… Continue Reading>>


The funshion mistress

Hey guys, It’s been a minute up in here. crazy schedules and hot weather to get anything done. The holiday is here and I’m currently making plans on how to spend the few days I will have to myself.

I  put together this cute little outfit a while a go. Finding the right crop top can be such a challenge sometimes.… Continue Reading>>

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