the funshion mistress

Can we talk florals for a minute? For the life of me I am still stuck with bright colours, florals and polka dots. Those are the three things I still got love for even if they come and go for some people. I have tried neutrals, blacks, navy blues,greys but I always come back to mama.… Continue Reading>>


maureen bandari

Buying a simple shift dress can be one of those things you want to exchange with some fancy dress instead because it can look boring at a glance sometimes. I always try and Imagine how I will wear an item before I buy it and if I get a hard time trying to figure it out then I would probably not engage.… Continue Reading>>


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Hey guys

Happy new week and don’t you dare hate on Mondays, haha. I am slowly loving Mondays these days because I feel so productive and look forward to going to work and all. Weird right? Maybe it’s just a phase or maybe it’s a new attitude of some sort. Anyways, I fell prey to bob box braids myself after seeing damsels rocking them on Instagram.… Continue Reading>>


the funshion mistress

Happy new week loves…Monday’s are for serious grinds and so are we here on the blog today. Not sooo serious though. First of all, let me start by thanking you all for the support of Fiona Mercy’s story post going by the wide readership and shares it received. If you contributed or plan to contribute, Thank you very much for a hand that gives is always way better than a hand that receives…

On to today’s outfit, I brought back my wonderful kitenge maxi skirt by Laviera for some flair and colour.… Continue Reading>>


Hey guys,I disrupt the usual fashion and style related posts to bring a story to your attention just because it deserves this and more from us. There is one thing I loved and still do about my former high school Moi Girl’s Eldoret. We had a sense of pride when one of our own excelled in whatever field and got recognized for it.I remember they used to make them come back to school and encourage us to work hard and reach for the stars.… Continue Reading>>


maureen bandari

Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback in regards to my previous post.Loved reading all your comments on social media.Now,at some point while playing dress up we tend to have the urge to match our shoes to some of the colours we are wearing. Clearly that bug took a bite on me this time,and I gladly obliged.… Continue Reading>>


kenyan fashion blogger

Hey guys, HAPPY NEW MONTH my loves. I love August because it always reminds me of that day four years ago same month when I walked into a cyber to open a blog and introduce myself to the world on my very first post. I had no camera,no laptop no nothing,just me and my college style… My friends became my photographers by force and I cringe at the poor quality of the pics my phone used to ‘bless me’ with.😆 I used to really enjoy blogging and it provided a safe place for me to express myself.… Continue Reading>>


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Have you ever looked at your closet and you randomly pick whatever your hands come across just to create a quick outfit to run errands? Most of the times I am not all dolled up as I love to relax and just take life as it is. This is the perfect road trip outfit in my opinion as it gives a full chill mode vibe.… Continue Reading>>

OF GREY AREAS…office look

kenyan fashion blogger

Hey hey hey my darlings,missed me? I know you have… missed you guys as well (best use of assumption :) ) I have been MIA on the blog this month because Trying to multi task under tight schedules was quite hard and overwhelming at the same time.I am back home now and back to regular blogging.My apologies and I know I am forgiven right?.… Continue Reading>>

Monochrome jumpsuit loving

Laviera by design

Happy new month everybody.To start as off for this new month is this lovely black and white jumpsuit I have been having for quite sometime now.I still love jumpsuits and in the past I have had some complicated ones which just make me wish that nature doesn’t call.LOL. with time I have come to appreciate a simple and easy to wear jumpsuits and I’m more drawn to them

I’m loving black and white looks lately and all whites for some reason.However it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a crisp white blazer.Most that I get are off whites and that’s why I’m stuck with just one.If you are selling one?… Continue Reading>>

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