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Hey darlings

Sorry I did a disappearing act on y’all. Just trying to put the year into perspective before I hit the ground running,I’m back though. So today I want to share with you this beautiful black jumpsuit I scored at the market sometime last year. I had had enough with jumpsuits and had taken a while since my last purchase.

I went for an all black look featuring my velvet heels,a gold detailed belt and my fave Achie Otigo clutch.I recently retouched my hair just because I had no idea what style to go with this time round. This is one area I would really love to do a lot of fun stuff with. I want to experiment with hair more this year as I find what really works for my face shape,wish me luck and if you have any ideas,drop them and help a sister :)

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Hey bunnies

The past year was quite interesting as far as my style goes and I did upgrade a few things here and there. Starting with having my own website for the blog. That was a huge step forward. I also started working with a professional photographer. I moved residence only to realize I can’t wear half of the clothes in my closet due to the change in climate.Upgrading a little in the style department from what it used to be. Doing my own make up complete with eye brows that do look a like or somewhere close(this is actually a real challenge btw) At this point I can only wish for a better 2015, a more creative one and to be in a position to add value to your day to day style

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back to school like a boss


Is it too late to wish y’all a happy new year? I am so excited to be back to blogging and I must say, the break and holiday was so worth it. I rested,watched movies,read books,traveled and did all sorts of things. I am ready for 2015 at this point

When I wore this outfit,I went to the supermarket to get a few things on my way home. So I was there just doing my thing and I see a bunch of girls wearing a maroon skirt and pink blouse as uniform leaving the supermarket. As I walk towards the till to pay, this attendant tells me that your schoolmates have left and I looked at him like whaaat? In all that confusion my one and only burst out laughing when he realized my outfit kinda looked like a school uniform and that’s why the guy made that comment. Now that I look at it, I think I just miss a tie or something. Haha. Anyway, If you throw on a nice fitting blazer you will actually be ready for that boardroom meeting with this outfit! :)

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two skirts,two ways+taking a break



Hey dolls, just a quick note to holla at you guys. I had planned to keep blogging as usual during this period but I am so tired to be honest and between constant traveling and bumming in the house just watching movies,there is little I can do as far as outfit posts are concerned. Therefore, i figured I can take a break and use this time to create content that will serve you better and be back in January. Meanwhile, I may or may not post other people’s style/none style related posts just to keep busy. Just in case you have no idea, I do giveaways on my Facebook page weekly and for the time being, you can keep up with my style on instagram.

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Hey beautiful people

It’s yet another beautiful day and 9 days to christmass but really who is counting? I am still up and down every week traveling here and there and frankly my body is tired at this point yet I have more traveling to do. Blame that on the festive season and all events set around this time.

This outfit reminds me a lot of my campus days when I was care free and too experimental when it comes to my style. It’s about wearing what you want and obeying no rules whatsoever. You just make a decision and run with it. It’s called having fun with fashion and that,I did and so should you. I cut off my mesh panty hose into these knee length ‘socks’ to compliment the look.Everything I’m wearing is thrifted. Enjoy the rest of the pictures

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Hey darlings

So,how is December for you so far? I am loving it since I already went on leave and I have so much time in my hands. I have been shopping,sleeping and watching movies most of the time. Just finished scandal season four episode 8,started on one called stalker,watched a movie called reclaim,tried a reality show called married to medicine and didn’t finish,the only reality show I really like is real housewives of atlanta.I have no idea at what point I will  finish watching everything but I’m not in a hurry. You can recommend any action/drama/political thriller series. No vampire and super natural stories please(though the movie Lucy was awesome)

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BEFORE will surely meet the AFTER

Hey guys,Sometime back my Salonist moved to a new salon and asked me to go check it out so I can move with her. It takes forever to find someone whom you are comfortable with to handle your hair. In most cases even if they change salons, I always tend to move with them unless of course the new place is far or I am not feeling the ambiance. You can imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw Pauline cosmetics products on the shelves as I walked into the new Salon. I love the brand personally and was looking forward to replace my red wine lipstick so clearly that was a sign from God.

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Hey guys

Just a quick post to have a look at my November outfits. I realized I didn’t blog as much and hopefully that will change come January! Also, I made it easier for you to subscribe to the blog by entering your email on the pop up window that appears whenever you visit the site so Kindly subscribe. If you do not wish to see the pop up, click in the box on your left to stop it from appearing

This December, your favorite items from the blog will be up for giveaways on my Facebook page so if you have been dying to get a hold of some of my pieces,be sure to participate. Now, let’s have a look at last month’s outfit and do let me know your favorites

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Hey guys,with this festive season comes a lot of discounts and the pressure to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. For today’s post we have a friend to the blog called Dan who took the trouble to highlight a few catalogs for you to make it easy to shop this festive season. Have a nice read!

Christmas time means it’s festive season and a time to celebrate, bringing warmth and life to old relations and a time to express your love to your loved ones by gifting them with something special.
One of the best places to shop online is with a catalog, if not for their huge product range, then their interest free credit plans where you can buy now pay later or spread the cost.  http://
Here are 3 of the Top Online Catalogs:
Look Again
Look Again is a store that concentrates on party wear for kids, women and men. It contains an exceptional collection of gifts that can make even the moodiest individual jump with joy. It contains a well-mixed blend of dress materials, decorative pieces, jewellery, toys, sports materials and other different gadgets.
This store has been dedicated to create a contented smile on each customer for years and has been successful till now. Their shopping zone extends from casual wear to home decor to electronic gadgets to simple lovable soft toys.
Fashion World
This is a magical place where you’ll find something for everyone. Fashion is always changing and all types of clothing and accessories are available here. You can find new and original collections of designer dresses and all sizes suited for ladies. It’s a big store full of quality and discounted products.
Fashion World is one of the few stores that cater to plus and extra plus sizes for curvy women. Whether you want a knitted sweater, a sexy swim wear, or a party dress, you will definitely get it here. Whether you’re plus size or slim, there is certainly one size to suit everyone.
The Brilliant Gift Shop
If you’re not sure what to buy someone, check out The Brilliant Gift Shop. They have a massive range of all sorts of products, including gifts for him and her, jewellery, experience days, toys, perfumes, gadgets and lots more! You can also spread the cost over several months on whatever you buy when you open a personal account.
Nowadays, there are so many catalogs in the online market. With so much competition, customers are being spoilt with excessive choice. Therefore, it is important that you do your research and find the most appropriate catalog that suits you.

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Hey guys

Here is an outfit I wore sometime back. The thing that y’all don’t know is that there is hard work that goes on behind the scenes as you try and get the perfect shots. Most of the time I am upto the challenge and so is my photographer. We check the shots after every few minutes just to ensure we are on the same page. However one of the elements that can mess you up is the weather! It was sunny that evening and we hooked up to shoot my Outfit of the day then suddenly it became gloomy and the lighting and all just changed. We had to work quickly with what we had and I may not 100% love how they turned out,but I’m glad I have something to share with you. The struggles of a fashion blogger continues….

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