Kitenge maxi and shear skirt

kitenge maxi skirt

Maxi skirts,where do I begin? I have come to the conclusion that African print maxi skirts and chiffons work best for me. The rich heritage the kitenge or ankara brings to the table and the easiness with which chiffon flows with the wind when blown is good enough to have these two for a lifetime in my closet

I paired this cute number with a red plunging neckline top to give it a dress illusion and be in my zone.… Continue Reading>>

faux fur vest+shift dress

the funshion mistress

Sometimes the weather can be so indecisive and you just want it to behave. Dressing up for such scenarios can be daunting. Can you imagine leaving the house when it’s kinda drizzling and you rock your cool boots only for the sun to pay you a visit together with all her cousins two hours later?… Continue Reading>>

My slim therapy update

slim therapy

Hey guys

Today I come to you for an update on my slim therapy sessions. Earlier on I talked about slim therapy here on the blog and decided to engage myself and update y’all on my progress. I mainly started the session because I am overweight if you are to follow the BMI ratings and with all the lifestyle diseases one can pre dispose themselves to,I decided to jump start my weight loss journey which I intend to supplement with the gym later on.… Continue Reading>>

254 all the time

kenyan fashion blogger

There is something beautiful about taking pictures in the evening. The sun rays illuminate your skin and when they meet the lenses,magic happens.If you read my blog then you might be familiar with this blue circular skirt I keep circulating up in here,no regrets though,I love it.

So, the one and only gifted me a denim tote bag sometime back which is big enough to carry my stuff when making a quick trip.It’s hand painted Nairobi city and I loved the bag but didn’t pay much attention to the brand logo.One day at the airport while walking towards my flight i saw three other guys carrying unique back packs with the same logo as my bag and I was like, mmmh this must be popular.… Continue Reading>>

Tutu skirt menace

tutu skirt

All things fiery and orange! Hallo everyone and sorry for the floods for those experiencing them.Now,what do you do when you get the perfect tutu skirt? you dance around my people! This orange number from Laviera challenged my pairing abilities.I love the feminine feel of a tutu skirt and you end up feeling like a princess in a way.… Continue Reading>>

the power of a pencil skirt

black pencil skirt

hey guys,Let’s talk pencil skirts shall we? If there is one thing I will forever be grateful for their introduction it’s gotta be the pencil skirt. This piece is so versatile you can literally pull off any look from official,playful,edgy all the way to a red carpet look if you push the envelope.… Continue Reading>>

a walk at the beach

kenyan fashion blogger

Hey darlings

When I first moved to Mombasa,there was no place I loved like going to the beach. Every time I got a minute to spare I would head there and just soak in the beauty of the white sand and amazing endless view of the ocean. A few months later I got busier and busier and eventually the beach was the last thing I could think of.… Continue Reading>>

animal print wrap dress

Laviera by design

Hey guys, today I want to share with you this beautiful chiffon wrap around dress in a quick post. This is one of those dresses which come to your rescue when you want something relaxed but still edgy.I love the feel of the fabric when the wind blows and I had to compliment it with a hat for that weekend feel to it.… Continue Reading>>

Kimono loving

the funshion mistress

maureen bandari

Hey Loves,how was the long weekend? Such weekends make it so hard to adjust on Mondays.Takes a minute to change into work mode as you are still reminiscing on it. This weekend I attended the Kenya bloggers award ceremony held at the intercontinental hotel. It’s beautiful to see how far bloggers have come as a community.… Continue Reading>>

one pencil skirt, 3 ways

fashion blogger

Hey guys, hope you had an amazing weekend like I did. Mine was quite eventful but fun nonetheless. All about that on tomorrow’s style post. For now I just wanted to show y’all a quick post on this white pencil skirt I have been wearing a lot lately. As a Kenyan fashion blogger I share my style with you but also try to inspire you to do more with your outfits.I have been able to wear this white pencil skirt for multiple occasions and the first look being for a date and concert,the second look was for work with a peplum top to create an official look and lastly an all white chic look featuring a lace top.… Continue Reading>>

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