Gone with the wind fabulous


Sometimes in life you need to get away to a nice serene place where life is slow and everything has come to a stand still. No one cares, it’s all love and nature and you have to take a big breath and exhale, just to thank God you are alive and still fabulously so. There comes a time when you appreciate the little things in your life,like the wind blowing away your beautiful fabric and hearing some whispers within telling you you are blessed.I AM BLESSED :) Continue Reading



Hey darlings,a month back someone asked me how to determine your body size as she had no clarity on how to come up with one.I know some people may be going through the same thing  and that makes the essence of this post today.I have always been a size 12 in my normal weight and when I lose some,I drop to a size 10. Some of my clothes don’t fit now that I have added weight and I went to my tailor to take measurements for the dresses she is making for me and from those inches,I am a size 14  right now. Continue Reading

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paint me blue


Personally,I do not have a favorite colour. I have dug deep inside me but no strong feeling manifests towards a particular colour. When I look at my closet however, I have so many items in blue it’s astonishing. At this point, I can neither confirm nor deny that blue is my favorite colour!

I recently wore this beautiful blue pencil skirt I got from miss kerre fashions and paired it with a printed blue top. Continue Reading

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Don’t we all want that perfect hips to bust ratio that comes with the tiniest waist ever? you can hit the gym, you can eat right ,you can have a waist trainer but nothing comes easy like just picking the right figure illusion dress. I love this designs and the first that I ever saw was a black and white dress that gave an illusion of a size 8. Continue Reading

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Hey guys,So I realized that I have really embraced hats lately. Partly it’s because they are stylish and compliment my outfits but on the other hand,I wear them to protect my hair from all that sun. One of the hats I have been loving is this brown fedora hat that I have worn enough times even outside the blog. The size is just right and the colour really goes with almost everything.Here are just a few looks featuring the said item and as usual,let me know your fave ensemble that totally complimented the hat. I have everything from pants,dresses to shorts.


DSC_0662 Continue Reading

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hold me tight


Good morning my beautiful people and welcome to all things floral and shimmery. I meant to put this outfit post a while back but totally forgot. Going through my blog made me realize it’s missing.Anyway,Usually I am not a fan of leggings/tights but one day I saw a friend of mine in a cute little pair and on inquiring where she got it from,I was on my way to ngara the following day. I ended up going home with four pairs this being one of them. Continue Reading

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Hey loves, I am excited to know that you are excited about the giveaway. Indeed we all need that one dress be it for an interview,date,church,cocktail or picnics. As you participate, don’t forget to leave your current location since that is what will also guide us in getting the winners.

Onto my outfit details,I think this pants are going to be worn several times because they fit really well and they are black making them easy to pair with literally anything.I got a pretty mickey mouse sweater recently which I’m already thinking of pairing with this pants as well.I went with the usual suspect when it came to the shoes and this sequined corset top actually came as an after thought but it turned out really well. Continue Reading

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mrs kerre fashions-2(1)

Hey guys,you know what time it is……GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I am so thankful for having y’all as part of this beautiful blog and for that reason, this is the beginning of giveaways for this month. Just like I love getting free stuff,I love giving out free stuff as well. This is gonna be a good month people

Sometime back I asked on my face book page what y’all would love to win up in here and answers came from all corners. From clothes to jewellery, bags,shoes,make up to my entire wardrobe(lol,what will I wear though?) For the first giveaway, I paired up with miss kerre fashions one of the leading fashion stores that has all the trendy stuff you would want to stock up in your closet. They have a physical shop in Langata,Nairobi but recently opened a warehouse here in Mombasa. For that reason, We are giving out two shopping vouchers. One goes out to any of my readers in Mombasa  while everyone else is legible for the other voucher Continue Reading

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Pictures by JOHN

Dressing a little conservative has it’s own lane of  sexy. Sometimes you want everything covered up and compliment that with beautiful accessories  to elevate the look into a modern casual look. That is exactly what I had in mind when pairing up my crotchet top that I inherited from my sister. I was going for a midi skirt look and I’m currently loving my wet look  black midi skirt.

I am not so creative when it comes to hair styles unfortunately so I let down the braids and pulled them to the side.I may have to look up to the good old google for a little inspiration. I carried a kitenge detailed clutch I got as a gift from Zambia and I just love it. Everything I need always fits… which is a lot by the way. Something like two lipsticks,lip balm, house keys, wi fi device, phone, chewing gum,charger, tissues… oh my! Speaking of which, I think I need to do a what’s in my bag post/video. That would be fun right? :) Continue Reading

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