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Hey beautiful people

See what I did there with the title?? :) Happy new month and I Hope you had an amazing weekend like I did. I traveled up country for a minute but It’s good to be back in the city.Today lets talk about sweaters…This is not the first time I’m wearing this particular one.I always go for light sweaters which I can comfortably wear during the day. Beautiful details like stars,polka dots,animations etc make them even more appealing to me. It’s all in the details my darlings!

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New products update


I figured it’s time I did an update of the products I’m currently crushing over.Good morning!

I bought the three products around the same time but in three different places. Living in a coastal town has had all manner of effects on my hair. I used to have dark hair but now it has changed colour to brown thanks to the strong UV rays I expose my hair to. I had no idea we need to protect the hair just the same way we do skin.Thank you Jennifer for that eye opening information. Even if the effects are irreversible, I sought to look out for a good climate protection conditioner. I knew about this product but It was out of stock in all places I had seen it before so you can imagine what I went  through…glad I have it

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relationship goals 2

maureen bandari

Hey guys

So yesterday we had our usual monthly bloggers challenge and it revolved around the theme, boy meets girl. Basically you had to borrow an item from a guy’s closet and style it the best way you know how. This is the third time I am styling a shirt from his closet and that alone should tell you that you can do a lot of stuff with their clothes. This was more of an experimental look which I totally loved and will wear it again definitely. Double win for those sleepovers :) hope you liked my rendition, whats fashion without fun?? :)

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How to incorporate menswear: bloggers challenge 4

fashion bloggers

Kenyan Fashion bloggers came together for the fourth time to bring you another challenge. This time,it revolved around incorporating menswear in your own style. I loved this challenge because the scope for this is so wide you can’t run out of ideas. Anything from shirts,denims,shoes,blazers,accessories goes. Lemme not keep you waiting for long,here are the various ways bloggers interpreted the challenge… Enjoy!

Gabriel tribeofchic.com


Winnie winniethefashionista.com


Mumbi mumbishockey.com

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Light at the end of the tunnel

kenyan fashion blogger

Have you ever bumped into an instagram account for your fave fashionista and you go through all her pictures one at a time and soak in all that style being served? but in the end you feel like you have no style at all? like you are just existing? haha. That is how I felt this weekend after drooling over this account that I hadn’t checked in a minute. Cute chick as well,classy has a face for sure.

I should have shared these pictures sooner but hey,here we are. Lately my choice of outfit is highly influenced by my mood and I’m liking it.This is a classic example of wearing everything your heart desires at that dress up moment and you just go with the flow.I decided to wear heels with this outfit for the element of surprise since it’s more expected to blend well with sneakers..what is fashion without fun??? ok,it’s also possible that I don’t own a pair of sneakers :)

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Polka dots + Giveaway winners announced


Thank God it’s Friday!

I have had a beautiful week personally and I am ready to rest over the weekend.But before that,I gotta share this beautiful outfit I wore. Lately my love for polka dots is creeping back in a good way though. If you have been a fan of the blog for a long time you definitely know that this is real love right here.I have loved the print since for ever.

I paired this beautiful skirt I made with a black embellished top that has some sheer detail.so chic! This skirt is quickly becoming my fave skirt because I am able to style it in so many ways. I always say,if I can’t wear something more than three times differently, then there is no need to have it. My plan to wear all the items I haven’t worn in the recent past is clearly working because I didn’t know that this beautiful top still existed in my closet. You should try that plan guys…seriously…

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Limited Edition…


Who remembers a time when you had to invest in a camisole since that is what most ladies wore with their suits? Our local market at the time used to have so many of those so you can imagine how well stocked I was with every colour possible. I have no idea where they all went but when I came across this black one in my current venture of wearing everything in my closet,I immediately knew what I will wear it with.

I love skirts that have some character and life and for that reason, I have taken it upon myself to be actively involved in the making of my skirts in conjunction with my tailor. What better way to pair the camisole than with this beautiful beige skirt? The idea is a sexy office wear but of course,go with a more official chiffon top for the realistic office wear.Hope your day turns out as productive as planned…For those interested in the Pauline cosmetics giveaway,check out this post. Winners will be announced on Friday.

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Post valentines giveaway with Pauline Cosmetics

pauline cosmetics

Pictures by Jonfontho

Post valentines, knock knock…

Hello hello guys,who said love ends with one day. Love is in the air all year round so I teamed up with Pauline cosmetics(a Kenyan cosmetic brand) to ensure that this is the case. We can never get enough gifts especially if it has to do with make up. No red shades of lipsticks are ever enough right? Anyway,if your valentine’s weekend didn’t go as planned,we are here to put a little smile on your face because you deserve it. Even if it went really well,why not continue to spread the love and joy all over with new items as well? sounds like a plan? it sure does! With this giveaway TWO people stand to win lipsticks,mascaras,two in one lip glosses and eye shadows, not to mention a professional photo shoot! how cool is that?

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Comfort and stability


Do you sometimes feel like dressing as comfortable as possible and the one thing that comes to your mind is rubber shoes? I think I have like three pairs of the same type!!! I saw some colourful bata Ngomas the other day and I think I will go ahead and indulge in  more of this comfort goodness.I love this sweater top by the way for it’s lightness and it easily blends well with everything. Quite a steal this one.

Now, who has watched the series EMPIRE? good lord, I’m all the way here to Timbuktu for cookie. Taraji p Henson is so brilliant in that role I just had to excuse myself from Olivia Pope for a minute. Five episodes later and I’m going crazy for the next episode.The music is so on point we have to give it to Timbaland for doing an amazing job. If you are looking for an interesting drama series cum musical,EMPIRE is what you should be watching right now…I had to digress my darlings:) have a lovely Valentine’s day and look out for a post valentines giveaway next week. as usual it’s all fun and fashion….

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How to convert a loose dress into a peplum top


Hey guys

Welcome to an exciting episode for today’s post. Last year while looking for a colourful peplum top,all I kept seeing was this floral dress in my closet and that’s when I started thinking about what to do with this over sized free dress. You can imagine all the stuff I thought about including taking it to the tailor but I’m glad I discovered something amidst all this.

You can actually convert this into a peplum top which you can wear with a pair of jeans,skirt or maxi dress. Let’s dive right into how to go about it…

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