Hey guys,

I think I’m starting to have some holiday anxiety. I keep planning everything in my head and wonder at the same time what if it doesn’t work out and It just sucks? What is happening right now? because lemme tell you, I’m that type of person who allows things to work out naturally around this time.I have no idea where this excitement is coming from.Anyway,I can’t wait to kick start my December with my birthday next week. I’m getting old people. Sigh!

About the outfit, nothing is new here really. That’s the beauty of it all,creating an all new outfit by virtue of different styling.I first wore this top with the matching bottom  and the blue skirt during the bloggers challenge last month. As you can notice,this pair of velvet heels are among my favorites. They have had their fair share of 15 minutes of fame up in here. Make that an hour or something to be honest :)  Do tell me what you think about this outfit and if you like it,don’t forget to share the post to your friends. You know what they say, sharing is caring

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Hey beautiful people

This was the look I went for the bloggers challenge this month which was based on faux leather or faux leather details. Which reminds me, I have an amazing leather skirt from Achie Otigo that I have never worn laying somewhere in my Nairobi closet. Obviously I will wear it soon enough now that I remember!! Ha.

I paired the pants with a neon green tank top which looks yellow here for some lighting reason and draped my tuxedo blazer over it.One interesting fact actually is that when I got the blazer,the lapel was silk white. I took it to my tailor who replaced it with a black one and voila! Trust me, a good tailor is always a good investment to have.Glad I have discovered a new one over here. Double wink, double win! Enjoy the rest of the pictures and have a beautiful day my loves

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Hey darlings

It’s that time of the month when we hold our monthly bloggers challenge. This time round it was all about wearing faux leather! I was super excited for a minute until I realized I had nothing fully faux leather in my closet like I didn’t even have an Idea that was the case. How is that even possible? ha! Getting faux leather anything around here was a big task so I was at peace with my black high waist pants with leather details also worn here

Nelly is definitely working that baby bump and I am so envious of Anita Gaitho’s waist. Beautiful interpretations from all bloggers for sure and I would love to get your feedback on which look you Identify with the most, and which ones totally inspire you. Check back with me tomorrow for more details on my look for this challenge. Start your last week of the month with a bang and get those coins people.xoxo

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dress my tutu


Hey dolls

Just sharing some of the lost files today. But first, who uses the Revlon equave leave in conditioner? I love the way it makes my hair so soft to touch and smells good. Main reason I won’t go to the gym today because I want to bask in the glory of that for a minute :) Anyway, just thought of sharing a few shots I took with my best friend Naomi when she was around.

For a random Sunday by the pool, I wore my red bandage cut out top and black tutu skirt. I borrowed her hat and finished off the look with my floral sling bag. Meanwhile, I am still marveling at Solange Knowles’ wedding pictures. She sure is a trend setter and not a trend follower! Don’t ever be a follower…

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Hey pumpkins

Early last month, I sat down and figured I could partner up with a beauty and hair expert. Whenever I put up a hair post I always got several questions most of which I had no answers to. I always do trial and error with my hair sometimes though I have a regime that works for me. I am so excited to have her on board to always answer all your burning questions in regards to hair. Ladies,meet Jennifer Gertrude a beauty and hair expert who has been in the industry for more than 14 years and runs her own business Spa elegance . She is also nominated for the Kenya hair awards this year and the winners will be announced today during the main event at KICC. I hope she wins :) I first met Jennifer when she was training us on make up though we always ended up asking a lot of hair questions instead. I compiled a few of the questions already asked from my friends and this is what she had to say…

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Hey sweethearts

Just a quick post to share my casual outfit I wore one of those Sundays that ended up at the beach with my friends. You are most likely to find me in flats or rubber shoes and a pair of shorts on a chilled out day with no plan. That is absolutely given. I love the simplicity of this outfit and I love every piece. The bag is made from recycled paper bags and the leopard print flats have served me well since the first time I wore them here

I know I talk a lot about going to the gym and you can’t even see any results thus far and that’s because I am so inconsistent for life. This month however, I have been dedicated like crazy. Doing both cardio and weights every morning and on Saturdays. The holiday season is here and there is no way I’m gonna be in mono kinis everyday at the pool/beach. Abs challenges are killing me though. Oh lawddy, Before you put that pizza and fries in your mouth,THINK!!  I have just seen a photo of a 60 year old by the way and I just can’t believe I’m in my 20s. Challenge accepted! Let’s do this…:)

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Hey darlings

This month has started on a crazy note I barely have time to breathe. I am glad I have a minute to spare on the blog and share this outfit I wore. I am a lace junkie so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw this beautiful top selling for crazy cheap.I have worn it approximately 7 times since I bought it if I’m not wrong :)

Oh guys by the way, I have some great news. Anytime I talk about my hair regime I get so many questions that are seeking advice on the same. I am no hair expert and I just do the basics plus mix it with trial and error methods most of the time so I figured,why not bring on board a hair expert? She has been in the industry for so long and will tackle all the hair questions from you guys. Look out for the first post this week as we tackle hair line problems among other things. Hope you are having a less busy week. Enjoy the rest of the pictures

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Hey guys,

October was a fantastic month to say the least. Nothing outstanding really happened but I did experiment with colour like I always do,and prints here and there. Have a look at what was and in case you missed any particular post, you can always check the archives.

Love and Love…










which was your favorite outfit from last month?



Hey dolls

Happy new month. Is it too late to use that as a conversation starter? :)  Hope you Have noticed something new on the site this month? yes/no/maybe? well,finally I have my logo up. Been working on it last month and I just love it and hope you do as well. Ever since I got a website, I really can’t settle on a theme. I love perfection when it comes to things I hold close and that perfection has made me change the theme for this site several times to the point that I have lost count. It is a frustrating process and all I can do is ask for your patience as I continue to find a design that really works

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Hey bunnies

Happy end of October! I feel so relaxed today for some reason and I am just looking forward to an amazing weekend with friends and maybe a glass of wine here and there. I am in a Diani state of mind right now after checking out some resort I heard about sometime back. I hope my one and only is reading this…Sigh

Yesterday when I was all about my business online, I stumbled upon this amazing make up transformations that just blew me away and I just had to share. Lamide Ojo is a Nigerian  make up artist and looking at her work,it just makes me realize even my basic is not basic at all. Yes,I can see heavy make up and that might not be all of y’alls cup of tea but this is talent right here. Wish I could do half of what she does.

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