Exhale and inhale with me…

Hey bunnies, I am so excited about today’s post because I get to share with you what I have bought and been gifted with lately. First of all, let me have a special shout out to the guy that delivers fresh roses to my house every week. They sure brighten up a home and I love me some pink ones :) Last month, I took advantage of my friend Felicity being abroad to buy a few stuff that I needed. I got brushes, lipsticks and another bottle of my signature scent which happens to be euphoria by Calvin Klein…

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This wet look midi skirt makes it for our remix episode today. Who said a thrifted piece can’t look this fab? I have worn it to church, for a date and on a Sunday afternoon with no actual plan. I experimented a little with it by raising the hem just to make it shorter but looking at how fab it was before, I am kind of regretting a little bit now. Anyway, what’s done is done right? I know this feeling will go away by tomorrow. Check out the other two looks below and let me know which look you really liked and why… Do you love the longer or shorter version?

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Hey super darlings

How was the weekend? I had an amazing one to say the least.I danced and reconnected with friends at my best friend’s wedding on Saturday. I am so tired I can barely move,no kidding. Anyway, I braided my hair and let me tell you guys, it was PAINFUL. I had like four people working on it and my scalp was just not keeping it together. At some point I just wanted to hide under the chair and cry like a little girl… Thank God in the end they turned out alright and I used a scalp relaxer in the end just to ease the pain and the muscles

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Hey bunnies

During my recent trip to Nairobi, I decided to buy a few reality shows dvds and just catch up on some drama(I can’t find any here). I have watched Kandi Baruss’ wedding, Atlanta exes and currently watching love and hip hop Atlanta. Clearly Atlanta is the hub of all reality shows. Now, I really can’t deal right now because these ladies keep fighting in every episode. Where they do that at? People are not going to say things you like all the time but that’s no excuse to just flip and throw drinks… For those who watch, doesn’t Joseline look a whole lot like Rihanna? or maybe it’s just me.

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Hey sweethearts

So, today’s post is going to be short and sweet. The last time I wore this mesh top I went a little risque’ with only a bra underneath. This time round I wore a black top inside  just to keep the look more modest. A red pencil skirt has been on my wish list for so long and I just love the fit of this knee length one. It’s all kinds of gorgeous. If you haven’t realized that this pair of shoes are my current fave then you need to be whooped :) What can I say? they are just too comfortable. Hope you had fun checking out other blogs from my previous post. Keep it funshion for your daily dose of  fashion

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Hey guys

Can you tell I struggled to find a perfect title for this post today? Anyway,This is the look I went for for the blogger challenge. I wanted something bright and full of life. I have been feeling this blouse for a minute now and it made for a perfect pairing with this black and white skirt.

This look was also featured on fashion bomb daily and going through the comments,I was literally on the floor laughing. Main reason was that apparently as a lady you are not supposed to put your bag on the floor/ground like that. Some even claimed you can become poor! Blood of Jesus… I don’t work this hard just to end up in poverty hello? NEVER putting it down even for a shoot. Do you believe in the same? Is it a ridiculous myth or the truth? I would love to hear from you. Until next time…

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Hey guys,

so, a couple of weeks ago,some of my fellow Kenyan bloggers asked me if I would be willing to join them in having style challenges every now and then and I was like sure why not. I found it to be a really  good way for me to gift you guys with so many ideas on how to wear something plus inspire you since I will be featuring their interpretations of every challenge here.  Not to mention, it will help me push my boundaries as far as my style is concerned. Double win :)

To kick start the series, we had a print on print challenge as our first for this month. Initially I didn’t know how best to go about it until I figured out that when I think about stuff a lot, I don’t get creative. Eventually this look just came to me in my sleep… kidding! But its true, amazing ideas tend to hit you up when you are sleeping. or is it just me?. Anyway,I ended up wearing  my two favorite pieces together as seen above!(more on that in a later post)

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Hey darlings

So,Denim can be one of the most interesting thing to wear or the most confusing to some when it comes to styling. Especially if we are talking about the 80’s kind of denim.The secret is in wearing things that really compliment it. From shoes,handbags to sunglasses and jewellery. Here are a few option you can play around with

The dress


You can add a touch of colour with a scarf  which you can tie as a turban,bow or throw it freely around your neck. Alternatively,compliment it with a fierce pair of heels and a cute handbag as seen on Gabrielle from Always check on the fit of the dress because if it’s a size bigger,it may not look as flattering as you would like

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Hey pumpkins,

There is this gratitude challenge going on on social media where by when you get nominated to participate,for the next five consecutive days you post what you are grateful for and at the end of it all, you nominate a few people to partake in the challenge as well. I was nominated a few times and didn’t really do anything about it but today I figured, why not combine all those five days into a single post? rules are meant to be broken right? I have so many things to be grateful for it’s even hard to figure out where to start from..but let’s do this. PS: it’s going to be a long post :)

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Hey guys,

I am a strong believer of using what you have before you consider buying something new. I desperately needed a black A line short skirt but I didn’t have any in my closet.That’s the point when I decided to take my midi skirt to the tailor to cut a few inches off. She did go overboard and made it shorter than I requested but that didn’t stop me from wearing it :)

I paired the skirt with a printed crop top which I bought sometime back with a matching skirt. The beauty of a two piece is that you can wear the two separately as well as together. That right there increases your styling options. To add some oomph and reduce the amount of midriff showing, I finished off the look with an off white vest with leather details. This is a good trick especially for those who are not comfortable showing the midriff area yet want to wear a crop top. Since it was a chilled out time with the one and only that afternoon,I went with flats. The hair was constantly in my face thanks to  the breeze and that explains my hand all over my hair in most of the pictures..pardon that

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