Hey bunnies

Happy end of October! I feel so relaxed today for some reason and I am just looking forward to an amazing weekend with friends and maybe a glass of wine here and there. I am in a Diani state of mind right now after checking out some resort I heard about sometime back. I hope my one and only is reading this…Sigh

Yesterday when I was all about my business online, I stumbled upon this amazing make up transformations that just blew me away and I just had to share. Lamide Ojo is a NigerianĀ  make up artist and looking at her work,it just makes me realize even my basic is not basic at all. Yes,I can see heavy make up and that might not be all of y’alls cup of tea but this is talent right here. Wish I could do half of what she does.

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Hey beautiful people

This month has been all about breast cancer and I didn’t want to write about anything until I had all my results with me. 2 weeks ago, I went to the hospital and decided to just test everything from breast cancer to cervical and everything in between. So, I was told to go for the results after 4 working days and my oh my…I let the 4th day slide,then came the 5th,6th,7th before I could have enough courage to walk back into the hospital and pick my results. Thank God everything came back negative but I couldn’t believe I let fear of the possibility of anything going wrong control me like that

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Hey darlings

Hoping that you guys had an amazing weekend just like I did. One of my best friends is in town so it’s all fun 360 degrees. It’s getting hot over here especially at night and sometimes all you want to do is sit directly under a fan orĀ  have your AC at an all time low. Banking halls are so good at that by the way. You walk in and feel like someone just put you in a freezer or something. Good feeling though

About the outfit,this is a result of last minute decisions when you pour something on your white blouse and have to go change. I wore this top and figured it will rhyme well with the glasses then something told me to add the fedora hat and voila,this outfit was born.I hope y’all will have a beautiful last week of October :) I am just thinking about December right now to be honest with you…Stay focused

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Hey bunnies

I am extremely excited about this post for one reason,this kitenge top that I designed a few months ago. Tereeeeen! My mum gave me this fabric early this year and since I had nothing in mind to make,I held onto it for this long. Lately I have been buying leggings/leather pants and I wanted a fab dress top to wear with them and not the usual dress tops. After thinking for two days, I came up with a peplum top design with an extended tail at the back. I approached this tailor in Kilifi who promised to deliver exactly how I wanted it

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Hey guys,

So,this is the look in detail that I submitted for my bloggers challenge. As explained earlier in that post,I went with blue because most of my items are in this colour so it was easier to find items to pair together. I have a yellow version of this skirt that I paired with polka dots as seen on this post but I honestly have no idea where the skirt is. Must be somewhere in my closet or God knows one of my sisters has gifted herself with it without my knowledge :) I see y’all.haha.

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Hey sugarplums

It’s that time of the month when we are hosting our second bloggers challenge after a successful first on prints. This time round the challenge was to wear monochrome. For those who are not aware,it means wearing one colour or shades of the same colour from head to toe. When I learnt of the challenge, I knew this was going to be a tough one because I have never really tried it before even when it was a major trend. I always loved the black and white version of monochrome so I was also keen to see how I will pull this off.

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Hey misters and mistresses

Welcome to another episode of fabulosity featuring a red off shoulder top and a black and white checked pants. I love this pair of pants because they can be worn to the office as well as dressed down. I am always up for any piece that can multi task and adds value to my money. I knew I wanted to pair it with a red top but trouble brewed when I couldn’t decide which red top to wear it with. I had like 3 to choose from all recently bought so the psych to wear them all was at 100. I finally settled on this particular one and my oh my, loved it.

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What’s in your bag? that’s the question I always get any time I say that my bag is feeling kinda heavy. Finally I figured it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and do a feature on it all the same. I am currently carrying a brown leather bag from Gralys collection. I have been carrying this bag for a while now and these contents are as per what was in the bag in accordance to my last post. Time to dive right into it literally speaking and hey, G.O.O.D.M.O.R.N.I.N.G


In my bag I have my green and mustard wallet that my beau gifted me with. I change wallets very often so I have a pile of some in good condition just laying around in my closet. In Mombasa, it rains abruptly at any time for about 10-20 minutes so I always have my umbrella with me. This umbrella has seen me through 2 good years! I keep saying I will buy another one but I’m just stuck with this tiny old thing that happens to work perfectly :) I also carry my sunglasses,wet wipes,extra pair of earrings,pocket tissues(got this one from the current true love issue) handkerchief and liquid sanitizer.I am such a germ freak. I don’t touch my face or food anyhow. I wash my hands roughly seven times a day and use a sanitizer in equal measure

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Hey sweethearts,

I wore this outfit while in a rush to leave I could barely even take pictures. I am glad I did though because I learnt something. No matter the circumstances,always make sure your eyes are made up. I didn’t have time to have the all nine yards make do so I grabbed some lipstick from my bag and that was it. I rarely step out of the house without mascara or something.Like I am not a slave to make up but be assured my eyes will have something small going on.

About my outfit, it’s been a while since I donned this beautiful figure hugging dress I bought sometime last year if I’m not wrong. It’s my to go to dress when I am saving myself from all the creative bit of putting together an ensemble,works every time :) I decided to carry my new bag which I am completely in love with.My friend Franscina introduced me to some page on Facebook that had beautiful yet affordable bags. I haven’t owned a brown bag in a while so I ordered this particular one and its just fab. I love the quality of the bag,definitely worth my money. WIN

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Hey sugarplums

I hope you are doing better than I am. I came down with a nasty flu complete with a running nose y’all. Currently taking some antibiotics but I am sure I will feel better soon enough.The fact that it’s been raining non stop for two days does not help matters and to some extent I couldn’t believe I chose the heaviest coat in my wardrobe to wear yesterday. so unheard of in Mombasa…I am always wearing light ones

About my outfit, this was the situation a few days ago and I was on an accessory overload mood. It’s been ages since I wore this skirt and I always feel some form of excitement when I re discover an item in my closet. Still fits perfectly I must admit :)

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